What Others Are Saying

“For the sake of our members, we wanted to ensure that no matter which method they use to contact us, or which employee assists them with their needs, they were receiving information and guidance from someone with a strong financial education knowledge base,” explains Conrad. “We are empowering all employees to be effective ambassadors for our credit union and project the knowledge they have gained through this certification.” “As far as the training goes, it is not a webinar; it’s way more than that. It is an in-depth course that teaches everything from the latest predatory lending practices to helping members improve their credit scores. [HERO Counseling is] an educational and rewarding process for us and ultimately our members.”
Jeff Conrad, CEO
Pelican State Credit Union

“There is next to nothing in regards to financial literacy in Puerto Rico. So we want to start offering a program that nobody else is addressing, which will be most beneficial to our members and the surrounding communities.”
Jeanne Kucey, President & CEO
JetStream Federal Credit Union

“Working people have been having a difficult time in this economy. All cooperatives—especially credit unions—have a role to play in improving the lives of their members. Having a concern for the community is one of the core principles of cooperatives. Credit union staff members that participate in the HERO Counseling program will understand how best to support working people that are finding it hard to make ends meet. Without this type of support from the credit union, these people can fall victim to predatory lenders.”
Mike Beall, President and Chief Executive Officer
National Cooperative Business Association