HERO Benefits


Credible, Well-Trained Staff. Through certification, your staff will be prepared to counsel low and moderate income people on how to improve their financial well-being.

Mitigation of Lending Risk. Staff will be trained to detect financial stress early, which can prevent losses to lenders and keep consumers out of the cycle of predatory lending. The identification and refinancing of high interest rate loans from predatory providers can change lives and create qualified borrowers.

Loyalty. Providing counseling when it’s needed most creates long-term loyalty with measurable impacts that go beyond a balance sheet.

Fresh, Updated Materials. Unlike other counseling programs, HERO is available to your staff on-line, which means it can be promptly updated to reflect new information.

Easily Accessible Tools. HERO Counseling provides more than just training, testing and certification. It’s a tool box that contains worksheets and calculators your staff can use during the coaching process.

Tracking. Organizations interested in applying for grant funds know that tracking outcome success is key to a successful grant application. No other financial counseling program gives organizations the power and data to track how many consumers are receiving specific types of counseling—data that can be used to secure annual grants of up to $2 million from Treasury’s CDFI Fund.

HERO Counseling is easily administered, and readily accessible to staff—at work or at home—even a smart phone, should the need arise!